Preserving youthful skin ft. Kosmoderma


It’s nice to embrace and preserve the natural beauty within you. Life isn’t always really glamorous and
fabulous, and it becomes important for you to believe in your natural self and believe in it’s beauty. Being
natural is incredibly empowering for women because it’s just who you are, and that is what Kosmoderma’s Oxy brite facial renders.





In Consultation with Dr Pooja on the day-to-day  challenges I face with my skin.

Change is inevitable be it internal or external, you cannot do much about it. But there are a few things in
life you can have control on, and so does the Oxy brite MediFacial at Kosmoderma.

You should definitely give it a try for the instant lustre it renders to the skin.


With the Oxi brite MediFacial Fresher, Younger, Tighter, Brighter, Smoother skin can all be achieved in just under 30 mins !!

  • A nutrient rich anti-ageing or brightening gel is applied on the skin depending on your skin condition.
  • This is then activated to release the active ingredients by moving a special capsule around the face.
  • The Oxy brite treatment generates a chemical reaction producing CO2 ( Carbon dioxide) bubbles which gently burst on the skin’s surface.
  • As the bubbles breakdown, it removes the dead skin erasing finer lines and decreasing pores. The Capsule exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells and renew the skin.
  • Capsule continues to cleanse the skin, preparing it for infusion of active ingredients.
  • Co2 draws oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin and makes the skin more receptive to the active ingredients.
  • Oxygen rich blood is sent to the treated area,increasing the nutrition and helping detox skin while increasing the absorption of active ingredients.

Skin looks amazing in just 30 minutes due to the Oxygen release.


The Benefits of the MediFacial are:

  • Nourishes the complexion on the whole
  • Renews Healthy Glow
  • Refines the skin texture
  • Revitalizes dull complexion
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  • Firms up the skin & Tightens pores


The Oxi brite MediFacial gently nourishes and hydrates the tender skin around your eyes leaving them bright and youthful, and you automatically feel a lot fresher.



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Early prevention and precaution to maintain the youthfulness of your skin is always better than regretting it later. Understand your skin and show it some love, but also remember that living a balanced lifestyle and understanding the needs of your skin, mind, body and spirit, will help your natural beauty emerge all by itself. Have a lovely weekend you all! Xx






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