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It’s nice to embrace and preserve the natural beauty within you. Life isn’t always really glamorous and
fabulous, and it becomes important for you to believe in your natural self and believe in it’s beauty. Being
natural is incredibly empowering for women because it’s just who you are, and that is what Kosmoderma’s Oxy brite facial renders.





In Consultation with Dr Pooja on the day-to-day  challenges I face with my skin.

Change is inevitable be it internal or external, you cannot do much about it. But there are a few things in
life you can have control on, and so does the Oxy brite MediFacial at Kosmoderma.

You should definitely give it a try for the instant lustre it renders to the skin.


With the Oxi brite MediFacial Fresher, Younger, Tighter, Brighter, Smoother skin can all be achieved in just under 30 mins !!

  • A nutrient rich anti-ageing or brightening gel is applied on the skin depending on your skin condition.
  • This is then activated to release the active ingredients by moving a special capsule around the face.
  • The Oxy brite treatment generates a chemical reaction producing CO2 ( Carbon dioxide) bubbles which gently burst on the skin’s surface.
  • As the bubbles breakdown, it removes the dead skin erasing finer lines and decreasing pores. The Capsule exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells and renew the skin.
  • Capsule continues to cleanse the skin, preparing it for infusion of active ingredients.
  • Co2 draws oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin and makes the skin more receptive to the active ingredients.
  • Oxygen rich blood is sent to the treated area,increasing the nutrition and helping detox skin while increasing the absorption of active ingredients.

Skin looks amazing in just 30 minutes due to the Oxygen release.


The Benefits of the MediFacial are:

  • Nourishes the complexion on the whole
  • Renews Healthy Glow
  • Refines the skin texture
  • Revitalizes dull complexion
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  • Firms up the skin & Tightens pores


The Oxi brite MediFacial gently nourishes and hydrates the tender skin around your eyes leaving them bright and youthful, and you automatically feel a lot fresher.



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Early prevention and precaution to maintain the youthfulness of your skin is always better than regretting it later. Understand your skin and show it some love, but also remember that living a balanced lifestyle and understanding the needs of your skin, mind, body and spirit, will help your natural beauty emerge all by itself. Have a lovely weekend you all! Xx






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Sol Do Rio – Cadiveu ft. JCB Thu, 31 May 2018 12:35:02 +0000 I have been yearning for a product that would protect my hair from the harsh UV rays, for a long time now. And I’m glad I got to try the Sol Do Rio range from Cadiveu India at #JCB salon.

I had a consultation with the hair expert discussing the day-to-day challenges I face with managing my hair, especially in the summer heat and how to cater to them.
Post hair wash and conditioning, the leave in mask #ReChargeProtein was used all over the hair and left for 20mins to work it’s magic. Then it was rinsed out and the leave on serum was used to add some sheen and give that perfect beach wave finish.

Cadiveu Professional has introduced to the Indian market Elements; the first professional range of hair care treatment which is eco-friendly as it’s free from sulphates, petroleum, silicones and parabens. The treatment is a non-aggressive formula with maximum active concentration and guaranteed hair penetration.

Cadiveu Professional “SOL DO RIO” has been inspired by nature to provide upto ten times more healthy hair against fragility. “SOL DO RIO” is enrich with the magic potion of 21 Amino acids – which restructures the hair integrity, making hair strong and brake-resistant + Coconut Water – which is rich in minerals and Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant capable of promoting maximum nourishment, UV Protection – protection against the damage from harmful rays. Gives long lasting color and Anti-Pollution – it creates a defence shield against external aggressions and prevent green hair from a pool.





The SOL DO RIO treatment consists of the the following products:
1. Re-Charge Protein – It’s a 3 in 1 formula (Mask | Leave In | Pre Bleaching) – It has no silicones and petroleum and it prevents cumulative effect. It replenishes the essential nutrients, leaving the hair finer feeling new from the roots to ends. It coats the cuticles. Provides lightness and radiant brightness to hair. This ultra concentrated potion rebuilds hair with an extreme damaged cortex.

2. Beach Waves – It consists of UV protection + Coconut Water. It has a long lasting effect, prevents fading/yellow blonde hair and moisturises and softens the hair. It creates waves and big beach style for hair movement.


The result is protection from UV rays, it creates a shield against pollution which makes hair hydrated and healthy from the roots to the tips.







The whole treatment consumes about 40-45 minutes for the perfect end results and it will long last upto 5-6 washes.

Cadiveu India provides one stop solution for all my regular hair concerns. It helps rebuild, strengthen, condition and protect my hair giving it a healthy lustre!

The “SOL DO RIO” treatment will be exclusively available across all the Jean Claude Biguine salons in Bangalore.

Cadiveu Professionals SOL DO RIO “UV Protection Treatment” delivers the premium experience and fantastic results a consumer expect from Jean Claude Biguine salons in the most eco-friendly way!

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Keep it Classy ! Wed, 25 Oct 2017 10:38:46 +0000 Hello and happy Hump day!

This outfit was a combination that turned out to be a surprising favorite! I’ve always been a bit wary of the wide-leg palazzo solid/printed pants as I figured it would drown me in fabric and make my short legs look even shorter. On the contrary, I love the way these culottes actually make my legs look longer and is a style that’s instantly classy yet casual. It’s the comfort of pajama pants combined with the elegance of dress pants in one! I love that this pair fits me so well around my waist and also the fabric has a good fall for the ultimate functionality and comfort. Once you wear palazzo pants, I can guarantee that you won’t want to take them off!


ADD EXTRA HEIGHT: Pair it with heels. Whether it be a chunky heel, a pointy stiletto, or platform wedges, pair your palazzo pants/culottes with heels to give the illusion of a few more inches. I personally am in love with these sandals and they’re decently comfortable given the fact that they have a 4″ heel. I actually own them in 3 different colors and you’d find them at the popular branded stores like a Charles and Keith or Steve Madden or H&M.


ELONGATE THE LEGS: Wear on high waist. In the same vein, I would also recommend wearing culottes on the natural waistline or even just a tad higher if they are long enough. It’s all about the legs in the case of the silhouette you want to create with palazzo pants so be sure that the pants are the focus of the outfit!

ACCENTUATE THE WAIST: Pair with fitted, crop or tucked-in top. To avoid looking like a giant block (not cute!), you want to make sure that your outfit has a defined waistline. To contrast the billowy fabric of the palazzo pant, I would recommend picking a top that’s fitted or even cropped (love this one too!).  I love how the crop top accentuates the waist and the polka dots on a navy matches so well with the white culottes.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Go with a printed/striped top. Culottes normally come in solid colors so it’s good to balance it with an edgy top. Whereas if the culottes are printed/striped, you can go with a basic solid top. This polka dotted crop top is versatile enough and also has a cute bow at the back!


ADD STATEMENT ACCESSORIES: Give it a final pop. And lastly, finish the outfit with jewelry that stands out. I wanted to keep it simple hence, I have added a palm cuff and aviators to accessorize the look but you could add a contrasting choker too. This white Chanel bag is one of my favorites and I love how it made the look both easy-going yet edgy.

Other accessory options include a colorful scarf or over-sized floppy hat that would also balance out the culottes and give the outfit that elevated and effortless look.

Top: Polka dotted crop top: Zara India
Bottom: White Culottes: Zara India. You may find similar culottes at H&M, Forever New
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Palm Cuff: Youshine
Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Chanel

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